The Gua Sha,  (pronounced Gwaaahhshaaaa)

What exactly is a gua sha and how can a stone offer so many beauty benefits?

I love details details😁🧐 and always love to dig a bit deeper to understand things a little better.

To answer these questions, I researched a bit and read up articles by two traditional Chinese medicine practitioners board-certified acupuncturists and traditional Chinese medicine experts Shaoba Wang, MD, and Sonja Lee, DACM, LAC. They shared the cultural significance of gua sha, the best gua sha techniques.

From the experts mouths, a Gua sha, or 刮痧, directly translates to “scratch” and “sand” (here, the sand refers to the raised redness on the skin instead of actual sand). “‘Sha’ is caused by the bacteria or virus toxins, which break the capillaries and form hyperemia areas, or spots in the skin or mucus, and form sand-like scattered or condensed areas,” says Dr Wang.

After applying gua sha, it is common for users to experience redness or tenderness (a sign of blood renewal), but those effects will subside within a few days. I have been personally using one for a few weeks now as a self love ritual and can say it has definitely help my face look a bit more defined and less puffy. It helps that I have also gone of bread 😉🍞but that’s another story.

Most TIK TOK videos show guashas used to help sculpt your face but did you know a gua sha works by engaging tissue to eliminate fluid build-up in the lymph nodes (which can give the illusion of a more contoured face) — it can’t actually remove fat from certain areas.

It also recommended that people with weak immune systems (those who struggle with seasonal allergies or tend to catch colds easily) try gua sha.

As Wang explained, this is especially useful for those people because by repeatedly stimulating certain areas, gua sha helps purge non-circulating blood and toxins from the body.

So go on, give your face the glow it deserves by incorporating  a facial gua sha tool in your daily skin care routine.  To sum up here are a few of the benifits. 

🌈Improves cellular turnover and elasticity

😍Reduces puffiness

🤓Improves overall glow and radiance

🧐Minimizes the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles

😍Helps aid lymphatic drainage around your facial area