Tigers eye Queen




The following gemstones make up this bracelet

Tigers Eye
Confidence | Protection | Good fortune | Insight | Groundedness | Power
Known as the Solar Gemstone of courage, strength and personal power. It stimulates the last three chakras to help you remain grounded and supported during times of stress. Strengthens will, inspires creativity.

Black Tourmaline

Protection | Courage | Positivity | Healing | Inner Peace | Creativity

Powerful stone of protection against negativity. It stimulates courage and creativity for healing and inner peace.


Calming | Intuition | Love | Balance | Passion | Nurture

It is a stone of new beginnings by developing emotional balance and stability. It opens the heart to giving and receiving love.

Crown set with cubic zirconias

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S (16 cm), M (17.5 cm), L (20 cm), XL (22 cm)