Ruby Zoisite and Amethyst


Product Details
This beautiful combination of Ruby Zoisite and Amethyst is sure to help awaken your crown and third eye.  Helping you find your sense of purpose and passion.


Product Details
This beautiful combination of Ruby Zoisite and Amethyst is sure to help bring your sense of individuality back .
Communication – Spiritual Growth – Calming – Vitality – Self Discipline 

Helps with the heart and crown chakra.  Boosts individuality in a independence in relationships and aids in restoring peace and calm.  Also known to assist with releasing deep seated anger and frustration.  This stone has a strong life force energies, which make it an effective stone for the purpose of healing. This will bring whoever wears it happy and positive feelings, which may fight emotional diseases, just like depression.  This stone is heart-based, and may foster positive feelings in love life. Your passion, security, satisfaction, and happiness may be amplified while the feelings of bitterness, insecurity, resentment, and jealousy may be dispelled.

Peace  – Balance – Serenity – Meditation – Intuition 
Helps with the crown and third eye.   Amethyst is known as the stone of the spiritual seeker aiding in providing clarity by awakening your third eye and crown. Amethyst is a powerful stone for protection and purification of both the spiritual and physical bodies. It purifies the energy field of one’s body as well as any room it is placed in. This makes it an all around excellent healing stone as it removes negative influences and attachments in the environment that would hinder one’s spiritual, physical, and emotional healing. When worn or held Amethyst forms an incredible protective shield, surrounding one with a protective violet light that can ward off psychic attacks and negative energies before they attach to the energetic body. This allows one to maintain a clear energetic body and in turn, protects one from physical attacks as well.

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S (16 cm), M (17.5 cm), L (20 cm), XL (22 cm)