Black Tourmaline, Clear Quartz and Tigers Eye Bracelet




What are you doing to protect your energy? Harness the power of this beautiful combination of black tourmaline, tigers eye and clear quartz to ensure you are owning 100% of your energy.

Don’t allow yourself to be drained anymore! Take back your power and make sure you create a protective shield around your aura.

This is highly recommended for empaths who tend to unintentionally absorb toxic energy from others. The clear quartz featured in this bracelet act as an energy amplifier and aids in clearing and balancing all chakras.

Black Tourmaline
Protection. Courage. Positivity. Healing. Inner Peace. Creativity.

A powerful stone for protection against negativity, excellent stone for healing and inner peace. Aids in keeping you balanced and centred ensuring that your energy field is 100% your own. Helps with protection from and eliminating low vibrational energy. It puts up an energy barrier around you to absorb and shield you from unwanted, negative energy. Live in a bubble of protection with the help of black tourmaline.

Clear Quartz

The master healer. Known to strongly amplify the energy of the stones it is in contact with. Helps us to see things more clearly, assists in mental clarity and removing mental blocks.

Tigers Eye
Protection. Courage. Fortune. Luck

A Stone of protection that aids in harmony and balance, and helps you release fear and anxiety. Works well with your lower chakras to stimulate your willpower, known to activate the seat of your basic survival needs and assists you to enhance your inner strength, and ability to work through difficult times.


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S (16 cm), M (17.5 cm), L (20 cm), XL (22 cm)