Jade Bliss combo


Jade our favourite stone for the heart chakra.  Add some Zen magic to your life 
with this limited edition special combo.  
A Jade facial roller perfect to add to your skincare routine with a matching
Jade bracelet.This stunning Jade bracelet is embellished with Copper plated 
Hematite and some calming magnesite.   
Combo valued at R670, yours for R380
Limited to 20 deals only

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Are you looking for a tried and trusted tool to add to your skin-care routine? Then the Jade Crystal Roller may be perfect for you! 

Crystal rollers are a timeless skincare tool used by Chinese aristocracy for centuries. Add a little crystal magic to your beauty routine with a crystal roller and help enhance your natural beauty using nature. Regular use of a roller will assist with re-contouring face and improved elasticity.

Jade a healing stone dating back centuries.  Encourages a more relaxed state of being and facilitates an abundance of energetic flow.   Jade is also know to stabilize the mind and body.

The bracelet is made of Jade, copper plated hematite and magnesite.  Magnasite brings loving soothing and tranquil energy.  We have a limited stock of the copper plated hematite, excellent for grounding and the base chakra