Cuban Petes Castillo


Cuban Petes lifestyle products dedicated to timeless classic style.

All genuine leather straps with full stainless steel.  Will fit wrist size 21 cm

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Genuine leather multi strap bracelet with stainless steel clasp, available to fit wrist size 21 cm


Cuban Pete is a man who is shrouded in legend, some say just a cloud of smoke from a fine cigar.  He is rouge, a saint, he has out drunk Hemmingway showed Kennedy how to smoke a good Cuban cigar. A great lover, Marilyn it said that he was the only man she real loved.  He is alive and well and is infusing his passion for life in contemporary society, the most beautiful people in the world are dancing to some off his music in the clubs of Ibiza.

He has led the way in gentleman style, imbuing it with an understated classic style with his unique blend of clothing and accessory only using natural materials, cotton, linen, leather, stainless steel.

He has worn leather and steel bracelets his whole life.  It is said Castro was wearing one of Pete’s bracelet when he died.   He is proud to share his designs with you. Every time you put your bracelet on there is an echo of Cuban Pete, his half smile, a chuckle as put his cigar out and moves towards the women.