Aphrodite Gift Set 1

R1,100.00 R850.00

Aphrodite the Goddess of love

This month why not start the romance in your life with our limited edition Aphrodite Glow up Box – Limited edition.

This curated set of love essentials is sure to start you off on your journey of love.  Follow the story on the 8 carefully put together cards which will help to bring you into a vibrational state of love.

Perfect for someone who is in love or someone who is looking for love.



Looking to start a unique journey of self love, healing and growth this year.  Just Zen are excited to bring you the first in our range of Goddess glow up boxes.

Specially curated to aide you in your journey of love .

This box comes with 6 different items and a value of over R1000


1. Gua sha – the ultimate self love tool. complete with instructions on how to get a full facial lymphatic drainage

2. Bracelet – The stones of love, Rose quartz, garnet and Rhodonite

3. Crystal – heart shaped Labradorite with instruction card

4. Journal – Red cloth beautiful with journal prompts and bookmark

5. Incense – Locally made scented in rose beautiful, soft and romantic

6. Aphrodite journey cards which will help transform your life in collectors box