Why wear crystals?

Rocks or crystals are composed of different elements, holding within them certain vibrational frequencies. When you put the crystals in your immediate space you yourself begin to attune to their frequencies. For example, if you want to open your heart to love, then you can acquire crystals which vibrate on the same frequency as that emotion. If you want to attract more abundance there are crystals of that vibration.

It has been proven time and time again that our thoughts create our reality, and crystals have the potential to influence your thought patterns.

Wearing or carrying crystals can significantly change your life. Knowing each crystal’s purpose further allows one to set the intention and therefore powerfully enhance that crystal’s vibration.

When you own crystals and play with them, set grids, wear them, carry them, bath with them or however you chose to use them, over a course of several weeks you will have fundamentally rewired your brain to be in tune with forgiveness, love, openness, or anything you seek.

Our handmade jewellery are made to exhibit:



To do something with soul, creativity or love, leaving a piece of yourself in what you are doing.
The reason for your journey.
The fire that lights your way. The power that comes from focusing on what excites you.
Sacred essence within us, our deepest purpose, our unique meaning, the guiding force behind our individual lives.
Mysterious and entrancing, beyond ordinary understanding.

Crystal attributes


Calming | Soothing | Tranquility
Harmony | Truth | Communication

Known as a stone of harmony, both within self and among people. The first step to inner and outer peace.


Peace | Balance | Serenity | Intuition | Meditation | Spirituality

Is exceptional at providing spiritual protection, inner strength and clarity of the mind making it a classic meditation tool.


Protection | Courage | Positivity | Healing | Inner Peace | Creativity

Powerful stone of protection against negativity. It stimulates courage and creativity for healing and inner peace.


Courage | Vitality | Abundance
Prosperity | Sexuality | Confidence

Aids in the understanding of your inner self. Activates first three chakras to bring a surge of life and creative energy


Success | Prosperity | Creativity
Abundance | Joy | Happiness

Known as the Stone of Success or money magic.   Promotes prosperity and abundance.


Protection | Healing | Grounding | Spirituality | Love | Knowledge

Develops spiritual awareness and provides mental, emotional and physical grounding. Fluorite alleviates stress and encourages creativity and knowledge.


Manifestation | Healing | Self-worth | Courage | Manifestation | Cleansing

Increases energy, regeneration and vitality, Balances emotions and protects against stress. Aids in business success


Success | Friendship | Tranquility
Vitality | Prosperity | Growth

Known as the Stone of opportunity. Known to be especially useful in vitality, growth and confidence.


Protection | Grounding
Relaxing | Courage | Memory

Hematite is an excellent grounding and balancing energy. Highly protective and helps one with courage, strength, endurance and vitality.  A stone for the mind.


Calm | Spiritual | Third eye |
Patience | Peace | Awareness

Inspires attunement, prepares the mind to receive insight and wisdom.
Stimulates desire for knowledge. Inspires calm communication. Teaches patience and assist with releasing attachments.


Balance | Compassion | Protection | Clairvoyance | Ascension | Magic

A stone of transformation and change. Assist with strengthening faith and trust in the universe. Known as a mental and intuitive stone known to bring one into awareness of their own innate magical ability intuition.


Clarity | Higher mind | Intuition
Confidence | Growth | Inner Power

Known as the Stone of universal wisdom and truth. A powerful crystal for activating the higher mind and enhancing intellectual ability. The stone of the spiritual seeker.
Lapis will stimulate and activate the throat chakra.


Strength | Courage | Energy

Assist in bringing physical and mental strength and courage. Cleanses negativity. Calms emotions.


Soothing | Calming | Nurturing | Peaceful | Optimism | Transformation

Assists in transformation and is known as one of the most useful stones to treat anxiety. Boosts trust, acceptance and confidence. Enhances self-love, patience
and optimism.


Peace | Love | Purification
Calming | Positivity | Truth | Bliss
Joy | Optimism

Promotes tolerance for emotional stress, very calming, enhances imagination and creative visualization.


Manifestation | Change | Transformation | Healing

Assists in absorbing negative energy from the atmosphere and body. Clears and assists with activating of the heart chakra. Releases negative emotions.


Calming | Intuition | Love | Balance | Passion | Nurture

It is a stone of new beginnings by developing emotional balance and stability. It opens the heart to giving and receiving love.


Protection | Grounding | Psychic protection | Cleansing

Strong psychic protection and grounding stone, shields you against negativity.


Abundance | Optimism | Good luck | Fortune | Courage | Motivation

Working with Pyrite helps you to release fears and mindsets blocking you from success and reminds you that you are worthy of abundance.


Courage | Healing | Strength
Endurance | Stamina | Stabilizing

Increases energy, regeneration and
vitality, Balances emotions and protects against stress. It will help you feel centered during times of stress.


Love | Compassion | Forgiveness | Confidence | Healing | Nurturing

Known as the stone of potential, inspiring you to discover your best self. Stimulates the flow of energy by aligning the chakras.


Unconditional love | Tranquility | Balance | Compassion | Emotional healing | Release of stress

Is a powerful healing crystal, with many potent properties and meanings, but it is most well known as a stone for opening, healing and activating the heart chakra.


Communication | Harmony
Trust | Intuition

Aids in harmonizing your communication. Making it easier for you to align with universal truths and increase intuition.


Confidence | Protection | Good fortune | Insight | Grounded | Power

Known as the solar Gemstone of courage, strength and personal power. It stimulates the last three chakras to help you remain grounded and supported during times of stress. Strengthens will, inspires creativity.


Star signDatesStoneDescription
Aquarius21 Jan – 18 FebGarnetManifestation | Healing | Self-worth | Courage | Manifestation | Cleansing
Pisces19 Feb – 20 MarchAmethystPeace | Balance | Serenity | Intuition | Meditation | Spirituality
Aries21 March – 20 AprilBloodstone, Jasper(Red Jasper) Courage | Healing | Strength | Endurance | Stamina | Stabilizing
Taurus22 April – 21 MayAventurineSuccess | Friendship | Tranquilityb | Vitality | Prosperity | Growth
Gemini22 May – 21 JuneTigers eyeConfidence | Protection | Good fortune | Insight | Grounded | Power
Cancer21 June – 22 JulyEmerald, Moonstone(Moonstone) Calming | Intuition | Love | Balance | Passion | Nurture
Leo23 July – 22 AugCarnelianCourage | Vitality | Abundance | Prosperity | Sexuality | Confidence
Virgo23 Aug – 22 SepCitrine, Moss agate(Citrine) Success | Prosperity | Creativity | Abundance | Joy | Happiness
Libra23 Sep – 23 OctPeridot, Lapis(Lapis) Clarity | Higher mind | Intuition | Confidence | Growth | Inner Power
Scorpio24 Oct – 21 NovAquamarine, Gold sheen obsidian
Sagittarius22 Nov – 21 DecTurquoise
Capricon22 Dec – 21 JanBlack onyx, Lapis(Lapis) Clarity | Higher mind | Intuition | Confidence | Growth | Inner Power

Crystal grid boards

Crystal Grid Power

Science has confirmed, all matter is composed of atoms. Atoms are composed of even smaller particles and packs of energy. When all the particles have been removed, the packs of energy fill the space and void. This energy is not bound by time and space and creates an energy field. Because you, me, air, and all matter consists of atoms, this energy field flows in, around, and through EVERYTHING.

We are entangled, through this energy field, with all creation. Energy moves and creates frequency and vibration. EVERYTHING has a frequency and vibration. That’s where crystals come in. Crystals have their own vibration according to their structure and composition.

People have been wearing and using crystals and gemstones since ancient times. They are not only beautiful, but they can assist with strengthening our inner energies. They can amplify an aspect of who you are. Crystals are a way to amplify your internal energies of Love, Balance, Confidence, Determination, and more. Crystals also work on your environment making an area vibrate in those same energies. Crystal grids are an excellent way to bring energies to your space.

Why a grid

The crystal grid is a manifestation tool that joins crystal energy with sacred geometry. When we align an underlying geometric pattern with compatible crystals, we can focus and amplify our intentions. Grids consist of crystals placed in precise, geometric arrangements in order to affect the flow of energy for a specific purpose.
Stones are placed in a geometric pattern to enhance their energies. Consider crystal grids as a way to focus energies for a specific purpose. These grids can be as simple or as elaborate as you like. Stones of different varieties and sizes can be used. One suggestion I like to make is to gather stones with similar energies to place in your grid. For example, create a Love grid using stones such as Rose Quartz, Garnets, Kunzite, or any other gem with the energy of Love.
The properties of the stones used, combined with their arrangement in a sacred geometric configuration, create a unique energy frequency that enhances your intention and helps manifest your desired result. Combining crystal energy with Sacred Geometry exponentially enhances the power of both: the sacred geometry of the formation expresses your intention in a clear and direct way, while the stones amplify this intention and send it out into the universe.
We might also say this is a case where the whole is more than the sum of its parts. A grid creates a powerful energy field, and every element of the process adds to this energetic “package.” Let’s look at some of these elements.

Getting Ready

The most important aspect of creating a crystal grid is formulating your intention, and stating that intention in a clear and positive way. For example, it’s better to use a strong statement such as “This grid will help me focus positive energy on my family,” than to say something vague (“I’ll be a better mom”) or negative (“I’ll stop nagging my kids”). A well-formulated intention should focus on you, rather than attempting to subvert the will of other people. Write your intention down before getting to work on the grid.

A favorite pattern for a crystal grid is some aspect of the Flower of Life, the fundamental spatial arrangement that Sacred Geometry tells us is the framework of our entire universe. The form known as the Seed of Life is especially good for grids, because it represents all possible beginnings and all possible paths — a gateway to infinite possibility. Other shapes have their own sacred meanings: the stable square, the infinite circle or lemniscate, the energy-enhancing Metatron’s cube, the compass rose.

Material underlying the grid
The physical material underlying the grid has meaning as well. A wooden grid contains living energy, whereas a cloth grid can add a touch of color magic. You can put your grid on glass or a mirror to further spread its energy, or lay your stones directly on the floor or ground to bond with the Earth’s own energy field.

Most grids use a single crystal as the central stone (sometimes called the anchor stone), and one or more sets of compatible stones to surround it, often in multiples of six.  I strongly urge you to use your intuition in building your grid, especially when it comes to selecting crystals. Just be conscious of looking for crystals whose energies “mesh” and resonate with the grid’s purpose.
One excellent way (though by no means the only way) to choose your crystals is to find:
A central stone that complements your intention and is a strong energy channel
A set of primary stones you have chosen intuitively while remaining mindful of your purpose; these should support the energy of the anchor stone and further define your intention for your grid
A set of secondary stones chosen by some other intuitive means, such as with a pendulum or dowsing rods, or with the aid of an intuitive reader or other helper
Optional: You may also surround the grid with a circle of clear quartz points to enhance its energy.    You can even use a large space such as a room as the perimeter of your grid, focusing the energy on the people who live or work there.
Activation: Activating the grid along its lines is an important step. You may channel energy for this through your hand, or use a crystal or wooden wand. This too is part of the energy “package” associated with the grid, so choose something that meshes with the whole.
Placement: The place it is set up will be a sacred space, so choose carefully. The amount of time needed to achieve the grid’s purpose will also be a factor.

Setting up the Grid

Once you have the materials at hand, you’re ready to set up the grid. You’ve already thought everything out beforehand, so this setup should be a smooth and joyful process.

Here are the steps to follow:
Cleanse everything. Whatever method you usually use for cleansing crystals will work fine for the other materials as well.
Set the board up, keeping your intention in mind.
Speak your intention. You may also add a few words of prayer or invocation, according to your faith, but it’s a good idea to keep it simple.
Lay out the stones. It’s usual to start in the center and work your way out. But the most important thing is to remain mindful.
Activate the grid by tracing its lines. If you know the technique of focusing light energy through your body through your palm, this works very well. You can use a finger to do the same thing, or some type of wand. Start with the center stone, then go stone to stone, clockwise usually. Remain mindful of your intention. If you feel comfortable doing so, you can sing or chant your intention.

The grid is now ready. You can use your grid for meditation or simply keep it somewhere to remind you of the intention, or lay it out under your bed.
Cleansing and recharging: If the grid is to stay up for a long time, you should make sure it stays physically and energetically clean, and recharge it about once a month.


Crystal malas

From the yoga studio to a boho fashion item people are donning mala bead necklaces around the globe. However, this trend is steeped in meaningful tradition and symbolism. Each mala necklace has 108 beads, and each bead evokes an energetic frequency based on its material, whether crystal, stone or seed.

If you are looking for a practical way to bring alignment to your life you should look no further than using a mala to bring your energies into focus.


In the field of Ayurveda, one of the world’s oldest holistic (“whole-body”) healing systems. developed more than 3,000 years ago in India, there are 108 sacred places, or marmas, in the body, identifying intersections of matter and consciousness. When manipulated, these points can awaken and align the vital energy.

Vedic Influence

Members of the Vedic tradition see this number as denoting the wholeness of the universe: one represents the solar masculine, zero represents the lunar feminine and eight represents the infinite nature of all things.  When we start to drill down into our human form we continue to find the number 108 over and over again.

Yoga Influence

In yoga we are often reminded that “as above, so below,” and when we start to drill down into our human form we continue to find the number 108 over and over again.  Deeper into the microcosm of the human being, it is said there are 108 energy lines, or nadis, converging to form the heart chakra, and 108 marmas (pressure points) or sacred parts of the body.


Mathematicians favour the number 108 for its countless patterns and potential divisions. For example, it is divisible by the sum of its parts and most of its proper divisors, making it a semi-perfect number. Through the lens of astronomy, the diameter of the sun is approximately 108 times that of earth and the distance from our planet to its solar star is, on average, 108 times the diameter of the sun. A similar parallel relationship also exists between the earth and the moon.

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