How you do anything is how you do everything

This statement has really struck home with me as I have let it simmer in the back of my mind for the past few days.  I doubt my thinking will ever be the same again.  It has helped me internally self-reflect about what is happening in my life, and what I could potentially do differently. 

In a practical sense making my bed and doing the dishes used to be a chore I dreaded.  Using this value I now take my time with the task at hand, focusing and doing it properly.  I find the focus on smaller tasks are helping with my focus and excellence in other larger tasks, such as raising my kids, writing proposals for work, dealing with other people, my health as well as business.  

Using this statement can be seen as a value to bring into daily tasks.  This value brings with it focus and excellence in any task at hand.   Whether a small or large, important or unimportant they are all given the respect due to them.  It is not the size or importance of the task that should dictate your focus.  The value is there to develop the habit of excellence.

It was Aristotle who once said, “We are what we repeatedly do, excellence is then, not an act but a habit”.

Each task must first begin with a pause, even if it is only a few seconds pause before you begin your task.  A small task done with focus and excellence is practice, and habit developing, and this habit of focus and excellence can be used as a tool for those important critical tasks.  If this habit of focus and excellence permeates your daily life the flow of life will become stress free and efficient.  Bringing calm certainty and flow into your daily life.  

It is important to be gentle with yourself when changing or developing new life habits.  Most important is to start with small step.  In life there is no perfection, there is only better than yesterday.  I am finding great value in using the pause; to slow down; to reflect before I tackle a task.  I find this value working seamlessly between my personal and work life.

I see this phrase and a new opportunity to focus on the only person I know who could make that change – and that person is me.